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Our Values


We champion a large active community of health and safety professionals with exciting clients and industries. Our mission is to give business owners and safety freelancers global presence and workforce accessibility.


We want all our freelancers and clients to execute successful projects. Our platform allows freelancers to independently earn money and be a success in their field. SafetyFreelancer allows clients to complete projects on time and on budget.


We verify all freelancers on their credentials and check that clients are legitimate entities. We use one of the most trusted payments providers on the web for fraud prevention and online transactions.

About Us

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How it works

SafetyFreelancer provides a marketplace for businesses and experts to connect and collaborate on a global stage. Our platform helps reduce costs, increase efficiency and make workplace safety more accessible.


Businesses can easily find a freelancer or an expert for their project. They can browse and check the portfolio of the freelancers and pick up a perfect one that suits their criteria


Work can be accomplished efficiently and effectively on a secured platform. Each project has an online workspace shared by the team to share files, documents, chat for further discussion about the projects, etc.


Get the best talent hired for the project after going through the client’s ratings, job success scores, review proposals and scheduled chat.


Pay on an hourly basis or on a fixed price basis for the entire project through a secured payment gateway system. There is a licensed escrow service to release funds as pre-set milestones are met for fixed price jobs.


Search our network of highly skilled freelancers for your project requirements.

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Add additional resources to your project as you need them and on demand from anywhere in the world.

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Lots of benefits from using SafetyFreelancer


Support business owners to deal with complicated and essential paperwork and safety administration.


Get safety skills when and where you want them. Projects engagements can vary from any length.


Freelancers and clients can talk and share documents in real time to ensure a smooth delivery.

Save Money

Freelance safety professionals can bid for the work providing an essential service.


Popular Sectors


Occupational health and safety in the construction sector.

Oil and Gas

Occupational health and safety in the oil, gas production and oil refining sector.


Occupational health and safety in the utilities (water, gas, electricity) sector.


Occupational health and safety in chemical industries.


Occupational health and safety in the aviation, railway and road transport sector.


Occupational health and safety in the manufacturing and production sector.


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