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How to reduce your business costs with freelance safety professionals

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It’s no secret that health and safety is an expensive business.

According to the International Labor Organization, we live in a world where every 15 seconds someone dies from a work-related accident or disease. That’s more than 2.78 million deaths per year.

In the UK alone over a million workers, every year, are injured or made ill by their work, costing the Great British economy in the region of £15bn, of which employers bear around £3bn.

For small business owners, handling this type of crisis can be financially crippling and significantly impactful on staff morale. Couple this with the rising skills shortage of health and safety professionals, and it’s no wonder that small businesses are resorting to slashing expenses, or worse still… cutting corners when it comes to health and safety requirements.

Recognizing this critical need, Safety Freelancer brings a host of benefits to companies and safety professionals alike.

Benefits for companies - why hire a professional safety freelancer?

The workplace is changing and the days of the 9-5 are nearly over. As more and more dedicated professionals are turning to the freelance market, the gig economy is undoubtedly on the rise. 

This can only mean great things for businesses who seek the critical skills of a safety professional, without the burden of a full-time cost.

Attract talent with specialist skills: whether your company needs a specialist in research, management systems or auditing, a sustainability advisor or safety and risk professional who specializes in a particular area, using the Safety Freelancer platform can provide unfettered access to resources that you may not otherwise afford.

Tap into a pool of professionals that will fit with your business to better prepare for legislation as your company continues to grow.

Vetted candidates at the right price: most of the freelancers on the SafetyFreelancer platform have 10-20 years’ experience in their field and are ready to jump into your project from day one. No long onboarding processes, with access to freelancers in any time zone around the world at affordable rates, slashing your cost-per-hire.

Hire on-demand: most importantly, using freelance or contract talent means that your business can hire on-demand, whenever you need the right skills, with none of the expense of a full time, in-house safety professional.

Benefits for safety freelancers - why become a freelance safety professional?

The benefits of living in an evolving world where the gig economy is on the rise are not just reserved for companies who need to hire in freelance talent. For safety professionals, this flexible approach to work can be life-changing.

Avoid the expense of starting your own consultancy: in years gone by, if a safety professional wanted to walk their own path, they would have had to start their own consultancy. An expensive and time-consuming task.

Now, with a platform such as SafetyFreelancer, all the hard work is done for you. All you need to focus on is pitching for the work as it becomes available in your particular area of specialism, drastically cutting the cost of marketing and business development activities.

Work when you want, how you want: one of the greatest benefits of freelancing is the ability to set your own flexible schedule. Many people choose the freelancing life because its a better fit for their family situation or they simply want to escape the 9-5.

Set your own rates: although there are other expenses to consider, freelancers can earn significantly higher rates on a per-hour or per-project basis than their self-employed counterparts, offering greater financial freedom.

Whatever your reasons for needing to hire, or become a safety freelancer, there is no doubt that smart businesses and savvy safety professionals are forging a path to a new way of working in 2020 and beyond.

How to reduce your business costs with freelance safety professionals
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