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SafetyFreelancer, Making Safety Accessible.

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We've all heard the line health and safety is too expensive but, is that the reality. At the moment there is a global shortage of health and safety professionals, and we know what they say about demand once that goes up the cost will follow. However, we believe that health and safety should be accessible, affordable and efficient for all business owners. 

SafetyFreelancer is the first global cloud-based platform which connects businesses with health and safety professionals. We aim to provide a cost-effective solution to help you get access to the best health and safety talent available. 

So, how does that help me you ask? 

Well, using a platform such as SafetyFreelancer has many benefits. We not only provide access to accredited health and safety professionals, but we also offer access to a territory manager with years of experience to help you find the right candidate for your projects. Some other benefits include:

  • No signup fees, monthly memberships or subscription fees
  • Increased compliance efficiency 
  • A decrease in new hire costs
  • Support for administrative tasks

We vet all of our health and safety professionals to make sure they add quality to your projects. So, you can collaborate with the best in the industry.

Well, how does it work?

We provide a platform for business owners to post their health and safety projects. For example, you may need an on-site contractor to conduct a fire safety audit or professional advice on developing a safety statement.

Since our launch in November 2019, we've been able to help many small and medium business reach their health and safety objectives. We have been able to provide access to health and safety professionals that;

  • Developed safety statements specific to business requirements
  • Provide expert advice on ISO standards
  • Create Toolbox talks 
  • Provide expert advice on adapting to COVID-19
  • Update policies in-line with new guidelines and more

Sign up today and make safety the number one priority in your industry. We are committed to helping all businesses with their health and safety needs.

SafetyFreelancer, Making Safety Accessible.
Safety Freelancer