The SafetyFreelancer platform is home to a global community of expert contractors and hiring FOR businesses in the Construction, Engineering, Facility Management and Manufacturing space.

Questions? Take a look at our knowledge bank, below.

Take a look at our knowledge bank, below.


  • What kind of jobs are on SafetyFreelancer?
    • Contractor roles in the Construction, Engineering, Facility Management and Manufacturing industries and more. These jobs vary in length and complexity. Often, projects will involve key field work or field work or remote work that business require due to an added demand on a specific project.
  • Is SafetyFreelancer free to use?
    • Yes, SafetyFreelancer is free to use.
  • What’s the difference between working online vs. locally?
    • Not much, other than the contractor not being on-site there is not a huge difference to working remotely vs working locally and during COVID-19 working from home is beneficial for the worker and employer.
  • How does SafetyFreelancer make money?
    • SafetyFreelancer takes a reasonable commission on the payment milestones.
  • What is the Freelancer classification system?
    • This is a system we have Implemented to make sure we verify each freelancer that signs up to our platform meets our standards.


  • How do I sign up as a business?
  • How do I get in touch with my territory manager?
    • If you email info@safetyfreelancer.com our teams will direct your emails to your territory manager, who will get in touch.
  • How do I set up a project?
    • On your user dashboard, click the Post Work dropdown, select if the job is an on-site or remote job and then follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Who owns the legal rights to the work developed through SafetyFreelancer
    • Please view the terms and conditions for information HERE
  • Will I receive an official invoice for work completed?
    • Yes, once the contractor is finished their work they will send an invoice for you to pay which is available in the workroom as a PDF.


  • How do I sign up as a freelancer?
  • How can I bid to work on a project?
    • If you find a project you would like to bid on, click into the project and click the “BID NOW” button to begin the process.
  • What is the vetting process like?
    • Once you create a profile, a member of our team will go through your profile and will give you a rating based on the information you filled out.


  • What payment provider do you support?
    • We currently support PayPal as our payment provider.
  • I’ve encountered a problem with payments. Who do I contact?
    • No worries, our team will look after you. If you email info@safetyfreelancer.com for any issues with payments.


  • How is SafetyFreelancer responding to COVID-19?
    • All of our teams are currently working remotely and we are following all guidelines set.

Mobile App

  • Is there a mobile app for me to use?
  • Is the mobile app for iOS and Android?
    • Soon, our teams are working on an app for Android and iOS.